Electric Train Service KTM can take you to your destination fast!

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It doesn’t need any special mention that the most convenient way of travelling from one place to the other is via train. If the railway service is good, it will offer you the most comfortable of your trips. And when it comes to travelling between Malaysia and Singapore, it requires no special mention that the train service is the one that you must choose.

The trains that are operative between Singapore and Malaysia can take you to even the remotest of areas, where there are no airports nearby and it will save you huge as the prices for the train tickets are way more affordable than the air tickets. Most conveniently, you will be able to choose the ride that you like, as there are numerous train services that are operative in between these two countries.

Why choose the trains for travelling?

When you are travelling between Singapore and Malaysia, it is a must that you choose the train service. The Keretapi Tanah Melayu railway service, which is the largest railway operating system between the two countries, has a number of trains running right to and from the borders or Thailand to Singapore. Thus, any city or location in between this route can be covered by train.

The best part of this railway service is that they intercity Electric Train Service, known as KTM ETS. Since it is an electric train service, each one of your trips is completed in less time, as the trains are super-fast.

Choose the right train for you:

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Regardless of the railway station that you are travelling to and from, within the Peninsular Malaysia, you will find a train for you. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind and that is the choice of the right type of train. There are 3 types of ETS trains and these are –
ETS Platinum trains:
These trains have the most limited number stops in between the departure and final stations. Hence, you will be taken to your destination in the quickest time. Therefore, the tickets of trains from this service are more expensive than the others.

ETS Gold trains:
The trains from this service have the maximum frequency. They have limited stops.

ETS Silver trains:
The trains from this service stop at every single stop and hence, the prices of the tickets for these trains are the cheapest.

Booking a ticket:

Booking a ticket for the ETS trains of KTM can be absolutely easy, if you choose the online platforms for purchasing the tickets. There are a number of services for ETS train ticket booking, available in the internet. You only have to choose the best one and the most trusted one that offers a safe transaction and additional discount for the tickets. This way, you will be able to book your ticket in advance and also save more than usual.